Custom Landscape Construction and Installation

At Native Green Landscapes, we believe that beautiful landscapes start with high quality design and superior craftsmanship. Whether you prefer contemporary or classic, wilder or more contained landscapes, we will design and install a landscape just for you.

We provide practical, functional design ideas to complement the architecture of your home and your preferences. We listen to our customers’ ideas and dreams and tailor the project to suit your specific wants and needs. We create landscapes with the most appeal and impact at an affordable price.

Designing With You in Mind

Do you have young kids and need an area for them to play and run around in? Or do you have four dogs and need to install a dog run to save your plants from daily destruction? We design with you, the person, in mind. We spend time understanding your lifestyle and family needs and design accordingly.

If you have a yard on a steep hillside, we can suggest solutions for terracing so that you can safely utilize more of your property. If you live next to a busy road, but desire more privacy, we can find a landscape construction solution that works for you.

Experienced Landscape Construction Contractors

Having built everything from new houses to remodels, we understand the impact of the construction process. Our team works hard to coordinate with other contractors and maintain an exceptionally clean job site. The safety of you and your family, as well as our own crew is also a primary concern. Whether it’s a landscape renovation of your current property, or a brand new construction job, we never miss a detail and strive to create a unique and stunning new landscape.

Our Construction and Installation services include:

  • Arbors and Pergolas
  • Water Features
  • Patio Heating
  • Courtyards and Patios
  • Functional Landscapes
  • Stone and Block Walls
  • Retaining WallsLevel Changes and Terracing
  • Walkway or Driveway Repair
  • Playsets
  • Outdoor Lighting 

Eco-Friendly Focus

We try to source materials that are renewable. We also specialize in landscapes that are eco-friendly. We offer installation of permeable patios and driveways. With regular pavers, water will puddle on your patio or stream down your driveway and straight into the storm drain during heavy rain. But permeable pavers allow water to soak through to the landscape and disperse to where it can be used by plants. Roots help to filter out contaminants before they reach our rivers and streams.

Repair Requests:

Unlike most regular landscaping services, we have the ability to fix aging elements like uneven pathways, cracked driveways, or rotting arbors. Why scrap everything and start again, we like to salvage and recycle materials where we can. We can rejuvenate and repair anything! Use this custom form to request a specialty repair service and we’ll call you right away.

We’re Licenced, Bonded, Insured, Rated, and Certified, guaranteeing you get the best value.

Contact Us

To learn more about our landscape maintenance services or to request a quote for your next project, we encourage you to contact us via our web form or give us a call at 425-481-6889.

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