Mulching is a must for plant health and garden beauty

What is Mulch?

  • Mulch is any material installed on top of the soil for plant health and aesthetic purposes
  • This can include various natural materials like bark or wood chips, leaves, even gravel.
  • Some materials may serve as soil amendments when mixed with the soil, while the same material on top of the soil surface is a mulch.

Why do we mulch?

  • Mulch improves the look of your landscape or garden, particularly for new installations where plants have not grown much and there’s a lot of bare soil showing
  • Mulch helps to retain moisture in the soil by slowing evaporation, thus reducing the time and expense required for watering, and preventing plant stress due to drying
  • Mulch insulates the soil in winter, modulating the freeze/thaw cycles that are most damaging to plant roots
  • In areas with bare soil, erosion and soil loss can be a problem here in the rainy Seattle region. Mulch prevents erosion and runoff by protecting the soil from direct impacts by rain or by water applied for plants nearby
  • With proper mulching, weeds are greatly reduced because seeds in the soil cannot get new leaves up into the light, and new seeds landing on top are blocked from reaching the soil layer
  • For longer-term landscape projects, a thick layer of mulch can be used to gradually kill even difficult weeds before plant installation
  • Mulch saves time and money!

At Native Green, we can offer choices for mulch materials that suit your landscaping vision and philosophy. As mulching experts, we can provide the right amount at the right time for your situation.

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