Residential Landscaping Services in East Seattle

Native Green Landscapes offers residential landscaping services in Bellevue and Seattle’s Eastside. We offer comprehensive services in landscape design, installation, and garden maintenance. We will take care of all the areas of your outdoor space, both hardscaping and planting areas. All elements are covered from planning and installing new gardens to maintaining and rejuvenating mature landscapes. 

Native Green provides landscaping for gardens big or small. We work on large properties, such as estates and apartment buildings, and also smaller jobs for residential homes, providing high quality work and excellent customer service.

We pride ourselves on landscaping with an ecological perspective. Native Green Landscapes offers rain gardens, green roofs, and bioswale installation. These additions to your garden will help you reduce your water and energy bills as well as help conserve the earth’s valuable resources.

Residential Landscaping Services We Offer:

  • One Time ServicesWhatever you need, we provide: seasonal clean up, irrigation installation or repair, yard renovation to prepare your home for sale, installation of veggie beds, or the patio you always wanted.
  • Earth Friendly Raingardens, Green Roofs (eco-roofs), and Bioswales – Native Green encourages conservation wherever possible. Collecting rain water on-site and utilizing it in planting beds is a way of saving water and preventing waste when it runs into storm drains. Bioswales are installed on your property to move water safely away from your home and use the water to benefit the environment and green your yard. Green roofs are another strategy to achieve urban cooling and energy conservation. 
  • Fine Gardening Design, Installation, and Maintenance – We provide high quality design installation and maintenance of all styles of landscapes. Our scope of work includes native plants, pollinator and wildlife habitats, and eco-gardens. Perhaps you want a restful Japanese Zen garden, a modern design with clean lines and a minimalist feel, or an English cottage garden bursting with interesting blooms and textured foliage. Whatever your taste, we will design a garden that is right for you and your needs.
  • Garden Beds and Raised Garden Beds – Native Green provides planting beds for all your gardening needs. Perhaps you want a cutting garden or raised beds to grow your own veggies. We will install your garden beds with care and expertise.
  • Hedge Care – Hedges provide structure and privacy for your yard. They require on-going care to keep them healthy and trimmed the way you want them. We provide care for all hedging plants big and small, from large English laurels to small boxwoods.
  • Lawn Care – We provide lawn care for all seasons as part of our residential landscaping service. From turf renovations such as aeration and dethatching to regular mowing, edging, and fertilization in the growing season, we will keep your lawn beautiful and thriving.
  • Irrigation Systems Installation, Inspection, and Repair – We provide irrigation installation as part of our residential landscaping services. Irrigation systems also need regular maintenance to keep them in good working condition as well as seasonal adjustments to ensure they provide the right amount of water for your yard year-round. We also provide troubleshooting services where necessary to solve your irrigation system problems.
  • Pest ManagementAll gardens get some pests sometimes. We have the knowledge and expertise to not only treat the pest problems but also make cultural changes in your yard to prevent the pests from returning. Improving the immunity and health of your plants will prevent pest and disease problems in the future.
  • Tree Planting, Pruning, Care, and Removal – Trees must be correctly installed and maintained in order to thrive. They also need regular care and pruning so that any problems can be attended to promptly before they become large problems. Native Green Landscape offers expert tree care and pruning as well as removal for trees in decline or for those planted in the wrong place.

Native Green Landscapes offers all these residential landscaping services, along with a wide range of hardscape construction services. We create outdoor living spaces of distinction.

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