Earth-Friendly Landscapes

Help the environment with an eco-friendly landscape.

With denser development, mounting traffic and heavier rains, Bellevue and the Seattle Eastside face real ecological challenges. Your Earth friendly landscape can be part of the solution.

This Mercer Island green roof infiltrates rain water and minimizes stormwater runoff into Lake Washington.

  • Raingardens: Northwest raingardens are part of a national movement to beautify while cleaning up the environment. Native Green uses a mix of drought- and flood-tolerant plantings to absorb and filter polluting runoff before it flows into our vital waterways.
  • Green roof: A green roof (or living roof) is covered with vegetation and growing medium, and planted over a waterproofing membrane. Native Green builds and maintains green roofs to absorb rainwater, provide insulation, host wildlife, lower urban air temperature and add intrigue to your landscape.
  • Bioswales and retention ponds: Bioswale systems remove silt and pollution by guiding and holding storm water within sloped, planted sides. Retention ponds hold storm water to prevent flooding and erosion, and slow runoff to improve water quality in nearby waterways.
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