Fine Gardening

Fine Gardening Design and Services

We Listen, Interpret your Vision, and Install Your Ideal Landscape

Imagine stepping outside your kitchen onto a smartly paved path or patio, hosting beds or planters brimming with herbs and perennials. You snip some sprigs of thyme and chervil for your elaborate home-cooked meal. Perhaps your family eats dinner outside on your patio and enjoys the newly installed peaceful and beautiful landscape.

Or imagine yourself enjoying a sunny afternoon reading a good book on your deck or patio, surrounded by delicate foliage and colorful flowers, while honeybees, butterflies, and hummingbirds play.

Fine Gardening

Fine Gardening Design

The possibilities for fine gardening displays are endless. The horticulturalists at Native Green are experts in the field of fine garden design. We will provide you with unique design ideas for installing, renovating, and maintaining the perfect garden for you and your lifestyle. We take into account the wider landscape and microclimate to ensure a successful landscape.

Do you prefer the ordered wildness of English cottage gardens or is the more ordered Provencal style more to your liking? Perhaps you’d like a formal, structured, symmetrical statement of shrubs and hedges for the front of your home? Whatever your tastes or preferences and your home’s architectural style, we can design, install, and maintain the garden that you desire.

Native Green Offers Custom Fine Garden Design and Maintenance Programs Including:

Organic gardens featuring native plants 

These gardens include many trees, shrubs, and perennials that are bee-friendly. They also attract other pollinators, such as native butterflies and hummingbirds, as well as providing food for birds through the seasons.

Ornamental tree, shrub, and hedge planting and pruning

We will plan and install the perfect combination of focal point trees, shrubs, and hedges for your garden, pruning them to your liking, either in a natural or more formal style. We offer seasonal and aesthetic pruning, highlighting the beauty of a particular tree or shrub, without compromising its health. This approach will ensure your trees and shrubs are well taken care of, and all the features of your garden are kept in balance.

Edging, weeding, and mulching of garden beds

We take excellent care of your garden during our maintenance visits, leaving your garden looking beautiful and well-tended. We target any weeds with earth-friendly products. We add seasonal applications of mulch to keep plant roots cool and healthy, conserve soil moisture, and reduce weed problems.

Gravel or stone pathways

Depending upon the style or your garden, we install gravel or stone pathways to suit the design. Gravel gives a more rustic feel and will fit well with wilder gardens, as will some stone choices. Other stone selections will give a more neat and contemporary look. We will install the fine gardening style of your choosing.

Design and installation of raised garden beds

There are many different styles of raised beds available. We will help you to choose the right one for your garden and install them with professional expertise.

Perennial garden planting and maintenance

Our skilled horticulturalists will design perennial beds that will give you garden color and interest through the seasons. Our skilled maintenance crew will ensure that these beds are well tended and pruned at the appropriate times.

Container plantings and maintenance

Adding containers to your patio or next to your front door can really brighten up your landscape and give you seasonal color. We will help you decide on the best planters and planting choices to keep your garden looking vibrant.


Seasonal plantings and maintenance

It is important to carry out certain landscaping tasks during the right season. We know when to prune specific trees, shrubs, and perennials to help them flourish for seasons to come.

Please check out our Gallery and Construction pages to see how we’ve transformed your neighbors’ landscapes in Bellevue and Seattle’s Eastside, with our fine gardening design. 

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