Garden Bed / Raised Bed Care

Brighten Your Landscape with Garden Beds and Raised Garden Beds

In landscaping, garden beds are the life of the party. Don’t let a few problem spots ruin it. Native Green goes beyond the obvious—dead limbs, weeds, broken hardscape—to maintain beauty year-round.

Manual weeding and pre-emergent weed spraying

You want healthy plants on your grounds, not weeds. Trust Native Green to apply the most affective approaches for weed removal. We’ve seen a lot of overgrown beds in our 20+ years in landscaping—and none we couldn’t handle with our own hands or combined alternative approaches.

Mulching for plant health and weed control

Nature started mulching long before people did. But these days we help the process along with materials like compost, bark, grass clippings, leaves and minerals like pea gravel. The benefits of mulching are huge: weed control, soil health, insulation, moisture retention and erosion control, to name a few.

Edge trimming for tidiness and charm

On new beds and old, edges provide the framing that makes everything stand out. We use hand and mechanical edging tools to create and maintain well-defined lines and keep turf and weeds out.

Plants that look gorgeous and thrive

Native Green believes in the concept of “right plant, right place.” Our plant selection and plant sourcing aligns with what works best on your site, in each spot—based on climate, microclimate and soil conditions. Beyond that, we get to know your lifestyle and preferences so you can feel great about your surroundings and your landscape investment.

Contact Native Green to ask about our garden bed services for Bellevue and the Seattle Eastside.