Garden Bed / Raised Bed Care

Care of Raised Garden Beds & Borders

Brighten your landscape with garden borders and raised garden beds

In landscaping, garden beds are the life of the party. Don’t let a few problem areas ruin a beautiful flower bed. Native Green goes beyond the obvious – the removal of dead limbs and weeds and fixing broken hardscapes. 

We accentuate and maintain beauty year-round in raised garden beds and mixed borders. We add perennials and annuals to ensure seasonal blooms and plant groundcovers to provide beauty and combat invasive weeds. We will make sure that your planting areas are healthy and vibrant.

Soil amendment to give your plants a good start

It is important to give your plants the best start. The easiest way to do this is to incorporate soil amendment to improve soil fertility and life. This allows plants to easily access nutrients in the soil. We also dig in compost to improve soil drainage and improve conditions in the plant root zone, allowing air to be accessed by the roots as well as water.

Manual weeding and pre-emergent weed spraying

You want healthy plants in your landscape, not weeds. Trust Native Green to apply the most effective approaches for weed removal. We’ve seen a lot of overgrown beds in our 20+ years in landscaping. We have addressed every weed problem easily with our own hands or combined alternative approaches. 

Pre-emergent weed spraying is helpful when the weed problem is severe. This involves using safe weed control substances that break down quickly and don’t remain in the soil.

Mulching for plant health and weed control

Nature started mulching long before people did. But these days we help the process along with materials like compost, bark, grass clippings, leaves, and minerals like pea gravel. The benefits of mulching are many: weed control, soil health, insulation, lower soil temperature, moisture retention, and erosion control, to name a few.

Edge trimming for tidiness and charm

For new and old planting beds, edges provide the framing that accentuates the planting design. We use hand and mechanical edging tools to create and maintain well-defined lines and keep turf and weeds at bay.

Raised garden beds full of plants that look gorgeous and thrive

Native Green believes in the concept of “right plant, right place.” Our plant selection and plant sourcing aligns with what works best on your site, based on exposure, climate, microclimate, and soil conditions. It is important to install plants where they will  thrive. We develop beautiful plant palettes for both full sun and full shade borders, as well as planting beds that are somewhere in between. 

Furthermore, we get to know your lifestyle and design preferences so we can tailor a landscape to suit you and your family. Native Green has the expert plant knowledge to create innovative plant combinations full of color and texture just for you.

Contact Native Green to ask about our borders and raised bed services for Bellevue and the Seattle Eastside. We also offer residential landscape maintenance services.