Irrigation and Drainage

Native Green will tackle your drainage and irrigation challenges

Landscapes need just the right amount of water. Too much and the plant roots can rot and develop fungal problems. Water can also puddle when it has nowhere else to go. Too little water and the plants won’t get what they need for optimum growth – they can wilt and die. With our irrigation services, Native Green helps to maintain this delicate balance through careful irrigation and drainage system maintenance.

Irrigation and Drainage

Our Drainage and Irrigation Services:

Irrigation Repair and Parts Replacement

Old irrigation systems can develop leaks at the pipes entering the valve or at some point in the system leading to the sprinkler heads or drip irrigation tubing. Sometimes irrigation problems can be mysterious – for example, pipes can be broken accidentally by shovels. Not to worry, we have the expertise to troubleshoot, isolate, and fix any problems. Our irrigation solutions will allow water to again flow easily to your plants, refreshing your landscape.

Seasonal Watering Schedules and Adjustments

We offer irrigation system on/off servicing and irrigation-system winterizing. Before the first frost, we insulate exposed pipes and blow out your irrigation system zone by zone using state-of-the-art equipment. This includes using the appropriate psi, testing for water clearance, and adjusting all valves, sensors, and settings. In the spring, we open it up, test valves, turn on irrigation controllers, activate rain sensors, adjust for spring irrigation settings, and test each zone for leaks and breaks. We perform any repairs as needed.

Irrigation System Installation

We will replace your old irrigation system, upgrading or installing a new system to pair with a new landscape installation. We install pressure-regulated lawn sprinkler systems. This ensures an even distribution of water throughout your turf, leading to a vibrant and uniform lawn. 

We also install the appropriate sprinklers or drip irrigation for your planting beds and trees. Different types of plants have very different water needs. We solve these problems at the design stage, grouping plants with similar water needs together, to make sure every plant gets their optimal amount of water to grow healthy and strong. We also ensure irrigation system efficiency. Water is expensive, and we believe it is important to conserve water whenever possible. We will design the most efficient irrigation system for your landscapes needs.

French drain installation: 

In some wet areas, a French drain is not just the best solution—it’s the only solution. French drains are installed to move ground water or excess seasonal water away from your home or other structures on your property. Water can damage foundations and leak into basements, causing unhealthy living conditions and expensive repairs and mold remediation.

It is best to prevent water damage before it happens. We install and repair French drains. This includes strategizing the best location for the drain for the best drainage solution. We dig trenches and lay the pipe on a base of gravel and sand, and use a mixed aggregate top dressing. You will receive high quality performance from a professionally installed  French drainage system.
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