Irrigation Inspection Repair and Parts Replacement

Sprinkler Repair, Irrigation Troubleshooting & Installation

Native Green are experts in irrigation and sprinkler repair. We can adapt, troubleshoot and repair old irrigation systems leaving them working as good as new.

You might find yourself in need of a whole new irrigation system. With changing weather patterns resulting in hotter and drier summers, gardens are in need of summer irrigation. Water is expensive and a good irrigation system should save you water. Our aim is to minimize water waste from sprinkler evaporation and run-off and only provide the plant roots with the water they need.

Irrigation and Sprinkler System Repair

Irrigation sprinkler heads can sometimes need replacing and sometimes the whole system needs replacement or requires a revamp. Sprinkler heads can easily be broken through lawn use. We replace them with the highest quality parts.

Native Green upgrades sprinkler heads and checks the spacing to ensure maximum and uniform coverage. Installation of pressure regulated sprinkler heads ensure the very best coverage for your lawn and planting beds and entire sprinkler system. This will encourage even turf growth and even coverage for your planting beds.

Irrigation Inspection

Irrigation Efficiency And Improvements

Often older irrigation systems are in disrepair and need retrofitting. New valves sometimes need to be added to replace those that are leaking. New lengths of pipes need to be installed where there are breaks, or the pipe is the wrong size for the system. Improvements in the efficiency of irrigation equipment are being made all the time. We pay attention to updates to make sure that we offer our clients the very best in irrigation efficiency.

Spray or Drip Irrigation

We offer spray or drip irrigation installation depending on the type of plants being irrigated. Often both can be installed within the same system. We will plan out the design for different irrigation zones, which group together plants with the same irrigation needs together. For example, turf, trees and shrubs, groundcovers, vegetable beds and perennial beds, all need to be assigned separate zones as they have differing water needs.

Irrigation Installation

We design and install new irrigation systems as part of landscape installation projects. We understand the complexity of designing a system that gives each plant the right amount of water. The irrigation design phase happens right after the planting design. We understand that different plants have different water needs and plan accordingly.

Native Green also installs eco-friendly landscapes such as green walls, and we have the best irrigation solutions to efficiently provide the exact amount of water needed for optimum growth.

Water Conservation

We are also big advocates of conserving our valuable water resources. New technologies now allow us to save water by installing rain sensors and soil moisture sensors. Smart controllers also allow homeowners to control and adjust their irrigation systems when away from home which can make life easier and systems more efficient.

Serving Bellevue and the Seattle Eastside. Call us at Native Green today to ask about our sprinkler repair and installation services.