Lawn Care

Lawn Care Services in Bellevue, WA and Eastside Seattle

Let us create the lawn of your dreams

Native Green provides complete lawn care services for your landscape. Mowing alone doesn’t give you the lush, vibrant lawn you’ve always wanted. Caring for this staple feature of your landscape takes persistence and the right techniques and equipment.

The lawn is one of the most important components of your yard. It is functional – it provides a space for children and pets to play. It is aesthetic – it offers all-important negative space in your landscape, which provides your mind with some calm and peace, in contrast with the variety and beauty of planting beds. When you enjoy your garden, you want to see a lush, thriving lawn, which is durable and resilient no matter what games your kids might play.

Lawn Care

Native Green provides you with full-service lawn care services. We offer:

  • Mowing
  • Lawn Installation – seeding or sod
  • Fertilizing
  • Dethatching
  • Aeration
  • Reseeding
  • Moss Removal
  • Lawn Replacement
  • Edging

Intelligent mowing as part of our Lawn Care Services

We install healthy, drought-tolerant turf that crowds out weeds. At Native Green, we keep our equipment sharp and mow at the right times and heights, adjusting for seasonal changes. No more than 1/3rd of the grass blades should be removed at any one time, and we strictly adhere to this rule. Cutting too much grass at once will stunt your lawn.

Lawn fertilizing to keep your lawn vibrant and green

The right nutrient levels are vital for maintaining lawn health and vigor. Trust Native Green to effectively apply organic, slow-release fertilizer so your grass starts off strong and stays green all season.

Lawn renovation – it’s never too late

We help you plan the following lawn renovation activities carefully, according to the season.

Dethatching, aerating, reseeding, and moss removal revitalize spent or cramped grass. Our Pacific Northwest cool-season grasses are best over-seeded or grown from scratch in autumn. Native Green offers these lawn care services to renew struggling turf.

Dethatching is a technique to remove thatch from your lawn. Thatch is a build of organic material – leaves, dead stems, and roots, which accumulate over the seasons and years. It can form a barrier between the surface of the turf and its roots. Removal of thatch allows rain and irrigation water to reach the roots as well as fertilizer.

Aerating a compacted lawn works best in spring when grass is actively growing. Aeration involves pulling out plugs of the lawn at regular intervals to enable air and water to penetrate the soil surface and be accessed by the roots. The plugs are approximately 2-3” long and spaced 6” apart. This technique eases soil compaction and allows those wetter areas of your lawn to drain better. Removal of the plugs also allows space for the invigorated grass to grow into and develop a more extensive root system, creating a resilient lawn.

Reseeding lawns can be necessary to help you recapture your uniformly green lawn. We will expertly reseed any dead patches or spaces left by weeds or moss overgrowth, bringing your lawn back to life.

Moss Removal is an essential service we offer. Our Pacific Northwest climate makes our lawns susceptible to moss overgrowth, especially in shady lawns. By providing expert lawn care services, we ensure healthy, vibrant turf growth, which crowds out moss.

Lawn Replacement to revitalize your landscape

If the majority of the turf is dead or  plagued with weeds, it can make sense to replace your lawn. We will either reseed your lawn or install turf to give you a vibrant new lawn bursting with life and vitality. A new lawn will be the activity center of the garden that you enjoy for years to come.

Edge trimming that makes your lawn pop

We want you to be proud of your well-groomed lawn. Our expert attention to detail will make your yard stand out with a beautiful lush lawn, free of weeds or moss with crisp, defined edges. 

Call Native Green Landscapes today for more information on our lawn care services. We also offer residential landscape maintenance services.