One Time Services – Residential

Native Green Provides a One Time Landscaping Service

First time’s a charm!

Native Green offers one-time landscaping services in Bellevue and Seattle’s Eastside. If you have a single task you’d like help with, give us a call. We’re responsive, consistent, and reliable – no matter the task. We’re also versatile and skilled in all landscape services. 

If you’re looking to spruce up your garden to sell your home, we are available. If your irrigation system has never worked properly, we will trouble-shoot and find the problem. If you’re overwhelmed with work and family and have no time to work in your yard, we can help you with that too. 

One Time Landscaping Services We Offer:

  • Seasonal Yard Cleanup – Native Green can clean up your yard any time of year. We clear up leaf build up in fall, prune shrubs and trees in winter, and weed your garden in the spring. Whatever your garden needs, we’ve got you covered. Our services include removing leaves, branches, and clutter, as well as hauling away and composting yard debris and any other cleanup you need.
  • Lawn Mowing and Lawn Care – Native Green offers expert lawn care. We use the best organic fertilizers, amendments, grass seed, and equipment at the right time of year. Our lawn specialists provide mowing, edging, reseeding, aeration and other lawn care services at your request. Read more about our lawn care services.
  • Pruning and Tree / Shrub Care – You may not want your trees and shrubs clipped every year, depending on the needs of the species. For one-time pruning, call Native Green and we’ll dispatch our expert horticulturists to assess your plants and prune them exactly as needed. We consider plant type, species, health, the time of year, and other factors to ensure the best care for your landscape. We will gently shape your treasured focal point tree and trim your hedges to perfection!
  • One-Time Planting and Landscape / Raised Garden Bed Care – Want a new garden bed planted to enhance your curb appeal or brighten up your backyard? Or perhaps you need a garden bed cleanup, weeding, or soil amendment added? Native Green is ready to help and brighten up your yard.
  • Pest Management and Plant Health – Is your landscape looking unhealthy with straggly plants and insect pests? We have the expertise to visit a garden and prescribe a recovery plan for your yard. Often making some easy cultural changes in the garden regarding soil health, irrigation, and plant placement can make a difference between a struggling and a thriving landscape.
  • Many additional services are available, just contact us to ask.

One visit from Native Green Landscapes can really take your garden to the next level. Our high quality work and expertise will guide you in how best to enhance your landscape to get the most enjoyment and pleasure from it.

Contact Native Green today to inquire about our one-time services and set up an appointment.