Commercial Landscape Maintenance

Commercial Landscape Maintenance Services in Seattle, WA

Property Managers from prestigious commercial properties rely on Native Green to keep their grounds looking impeccable. It’s important for the success of your business that your landscape looks clean, well kept and thrives. 

From commercial office complexes and campuses, to residential communities and high-end hotels, Native Green’s commercial property maintenance team will maintain your company’s landscape to the highest level, enhancing the image of your business. 

Our expertise in horticulture, irrigation and turf management means that we’ll identify and proactively attend to issues before they become a problem. Our comprehensive property maintenance program will take care of all your landscape needs. It also means that you can relax and focus on running your business, knowing that your landscape will thrive under our care.

Our Commercial Landscape Maintenance Services include:

Annual Flower Displays

Nothing looks better than flower borders bursting with color, welcoming customers to your business. We can provide plantings of annual color in the spring, summer and fall, to give your landscape that eye-catching boost of color to impress your customers.

Lawn Care

Taking care of your lawn is of the utmost importance in making your landscape shine. Our turf experts will provide mowing, edging and seasonal fertilization. Turf shouldn’t be cut too short, only one third of the blades should be removed at one time, to ensure optimal growth. We take care to use organic turf fertilizers that won’t pollute groundwater and break down quickly providing beneficial nutrition for your lawn.

We also offer dethatching and aeration services for lawns that need some renovation or extra care. Removing thatch involves removing dead organic materials from the soil-air interface, usually dead grass stalks and roots that build up over time. Removing this thatch allows better infiltration of water into the soil and allows turf to revitalize and fill in the spaces, growing thicker and stronger.

Aeration removes cores spaced around 6” apart, and about 3-6” deep. This allows organic soil amendment to be added, improving drainage and allowing an increase of the availability of oxygen to turf roots, which is an important part of plant respiration.

Plant Installation

We provide installation of new plant material to revitalize your landscape and help created the best first impression for your customers.

Lighting Systems

Through our commercial landscape maintenance services we service exterior lighting systems. Lights can get damaged by heavy foot traffic near pathways, and bulbs can get broken or need replacing. Our maintenance technicians have the skills to fix any landscape lighting breaks.

Tree Care and Skilled Pruning

Our maintenance team are skilled in performing seasonal pruning for shrubs and trees as well as dead-heading throughout the growing season and keeping hedges neatly trimmed. We know when to prune tree species and monitor their health and vitality.

Tree and Shrub Fertilization

We provide tree and shrub fertilization throughout the growing season. Our skilled crew pays attention to the needs of specific species.

Plant Pest and Disease Treatments

Native Green uses the best and minimally invasive pest and disease treatments to keep your

Water Feature Maintenance

Water features can need some extra maintenance. It is important that they are regularly serviced and cleaned in order to present the best image to your customers. Our maintenance crew are skilled in maintaining water features to their best

Debris Collection and Seasonal Leaf Clean-Up

In the fall, our maintenance crew will regularly clean up leaf debris from planting beds and lawns to ensure that your landscape looks its best.

Season addition of Soil Amendment and Bark Mulch

One of the best ways to keep your commercial landscape thriving is with regular application of soil amendment or compost. This improves your soil tilth and biology, contributing to the plants growing healthy and strong. 

The addition of bark mulch around the plants helps to create a clean, finished look on your planting beds. Bark mulch also brings the added benefits of keeping down weeds, retaining soil moisture and keeping plant roots cool, allowing them to flourish.

Call us today and we’ll design a comprehensive commercial property maintenance program to fit your needs and budget.