Plant and Tree Care

Plant and Tree Care Services

Native Green Landscaping offers expert plant and tree care services in Bellevue, WA and on the Eastside of Seattle. It is important to regularly care for your plants and trees to ensure they are in good health and your garden is thriving. We offer services from plant selection to sourcing high quality plants, as well as planting, pruning, and removal of disease or dying plants.

If your plants and trees are well taken care of, then you’ll have an ever-changing display that enriches your landscape and quality of life.

Plant and Tree Care

Tree Care Services to Grow Healthy and Durable Plants

The largest plants in your landscape naturally have the most impact on its overall vigor and beauty. Trees need expert care. We pick out healthy specimens to plant in your yard and carefully plant and maintain them.

Trees must be planted correctly, making sure that the root flare (where the tree trunk reaches the ground) is planted a little above grade. It is also important to make sure this area is kept free of mulch and water to ensure protection against crown rot. We check for circling roots when we plant. If we catch these early, it’s a simple fix. This problem could otherwise compromise the health of your tree in the future. We ensure that the tree is well irrigated and receives the deep watering needed to encourage the growth of stabilizing as well as feeder roots. We also feed trees seasonally to provide them with all the nutrients they need for the growing season.

The Steps to a Successful Landscape

Native Green focuses on plant health care. We know that if your garden’s cultural conditions are right, we can install plants and trees in your yard which will flourish for years to come. We consider all aspects of the landscape and follow these steps:

  • Adding healthy soil amendments – So that your native soil is teaming with beneficial soil life and nutrients.
  • Planting the right plant in the right place – Plant selection is key to a successful garden. We carefully consider plant choices based on exposure, site conditions, microclimate, and your design preferences and aesthetics.
  • Feeding plants with high quality, organic fertilizer – We make sure to care for plants that need special conditions, such as acid-loving plants like heathers, blueberries, and camellias.
  • Adjusting or Installing Irrigation systems – All plants need the right amount of water delivered directly to their root zone. We ensure that plants with similar water needs are grouped together and the appropriate drip or sprinkler system is installed.
  • Regular maintenance and inspection of trees, shrubs, and perennials – We perform year round maintenance to keep your plants and trees looking their best. We know when to trim deciduous and evergreen trees and the best time to prune back perennial grasses and shrubs.
  • Pruning existing trees and shrubs – To provide beautiful shape and form, remove dead or dying branches, and ensure good air circulation to prevent common plant diseases.
  • Application of mulch – We apply a thick layer of bark mulch, wood chips, or pea gravel to the soil surface to retain moisture, and keep the soil temperature low to preserve delicate roots and suppress weeds.
  • Eco-friendly pest control – If your trees or plants suffer from insect infestation, we address the issue using earth-friendly horticultural oils and safe techniques.

With skillful care and attention, our plant and tree care services will give you a lush canopy you and your neighbors can enjoy for years. We also offer Hedge Care for structure and privacy and eco-friendly Pest Management.

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