One Time Services

One Time Landscaping Services for Commercial Properties

Native Green offers one-time services in Bellevue and the Seattle Eastside. If you have a single task you’d like help with, no matter how big or small, give us a call. We’re responsive, consistent and reliable. Our skilled crews are trained in maintaining larger landscapes for commercial properties.

Whether you need a seasonal clean up, a property to prepare for sale, or are opening a new business, Native Green can help your commercial landscape look its best with our one time service.. Our horticultural experts will assess the job and decide on the best course of action for a single visit.

One Time Landscaping Services We Offer:

  • Yard and Grounds cleanup: Native Green does fall cleanup, spring cleanup and anytime-in-between cleanup. This includes leaf, branch and clutter removal, as well as weed removal and control. We also haul away and compost all healthy yard debris. We can also dig fresh compost into your property to revitalize the soil and plants.
  • Spring or Fall Planting: If your garden is in need of some sprucing up, to make it more attractive to customers or clients, when the sun comes out and the weather starts to warm. Native Green can help you to welcome your customers with some fresh plantings of annuals or perennials and a brand-new layer of bark mulch for full effect.
  • Lawn mowing and lawn care: Native Green will take the very best care of your lawn. We use high quality organic fertilizers and environmentally friendly weed control. We offer mowing, edging and reseeding services. Native Green also offers renovation lawn care services, such as aeration and dethatching to revitalize old, languishing lawns. We can help your lawn thrive again and look greener than ever before. Read more about our lawn care services.
  • Pruning and tree/shrub care: You might not want your trees and shrubs pruned every year, for those customers we offer a one-time pruning service. Call Native Green and we will dispatch our expert horticulturists to assess your plants and prune them exactly as needed, according to plant type, health, time of year for optimum health.
  • One-time planting and garden /raised garden bed care: Is your property in need of a new garden bed, raised bed, or perhaps a garden bed cleanup? Maybe your commercial property is filled with weeds and you haven’t had time to address the problem, but you want to create a good impression for your visiting clients. Native Green can help you to restore your landscape to its former glory and make some improvements along the way too.
  • We offer many other services – just ask us about them.

Once you’ve experienced our high level of service and skilled work we’re confident that you may want to call us more than once, as your landscape grows and changes. However, if once is all you need, we’re happy to help.

Call Native Green today to inquire about our one-time services.