One Time Services

First time’s the charm!

Native Green offers one-time services in Bellevue and the Seattle Eastside. If you have a single task you’d like help with, no matter how big or small, give us a call. We’re responsive, consistent and reliable every time.

  • Yard and Grounds cleanup: Native Green does fall cleanup, spring cleanup and anytime-in-between cleanup. This includes leaf, branch and clutter removal; hauling away and composting yard debris and other cleanup.
  • Lawn mowing and lawn care: Native Green lawn care is second to none. We use best-in-class materials and equipment correctly, at the right times. And we do edging, reseeding, aeration and other lawn care services at your request. Read more about our lawn care services.
  • Pruning and tree/shrub care: You might not want your trees and shrubs clipped every year (but don’t rule it out). For one-time pruning, call Native Green and we’ll dispatch our expert horticulturists to assess your plants and prune exactly as needed, according to plant types and health, time of year and other factors.
  • One-time planting and garden /raised garden bed care: Want a new garden bed, raised bed, or perhaps a garden bed cleanup, weeding or soil amendment? Native Green is ready to pitch in.
  • Many other services—just ask!

Call Native Green today to inquire about our one-time services.