Hedge Care

Hedge Trimming Services in Bellevue, WA and Eastside Seattle

Hedge Care for Structure and Privacy

Hedges are an essential part of your garden. You rely on hedges to define your property borders and garden space. Hedge trimming services are an essential part of our garden maintenance routine. Native Green keeps your structural plantings looking vital and elegant.

Hedges can be big or small, formal or informal. From a line of Italian cypress – full size or dwarf – to a small row of boxwoods formally defining a planting bed. Plants such as Photinia, with it’s beautiful red shining leaves, can be trimmed and used as a structural hedge. Another option is to let it grow and shape it into an openly growing screen, so that its white blooms can be enjoyed. It all depends upon your tastes and the style of your home and garden. Native Green can provide the garden structure you need.

Native Green’s design team will recommend the best options for the site conditions in your yard. Our installation team will plant the right hedge for you. When choosing the perfect hedge for your garden, we consider the microclimate, soil type, exposure, desired height, your aesthetic preferences, and the purpose of the hedge. The hedging material we pick must reach the right height to create the private walls of foliage you need to feel comfortable in your garden.

Hedge Care

Informal Hedges or Screening

Informal hedges can be a row of beautiful shrubs or trees that have leaves from the ground to the top. These can be an attractive accent in the garden when the sun shines through and the breeze plays with the leaves. 

For this kind of hedge or screen, we use plants such as the Pacific Wax Myrtle (Myrica californica), a fast-growing shrubby-tree that is ideal for this purpose. It has light, green, attractive, evergreen leaves and reaches around 20’ tall. This shrub works well as a hedge planting next to a street or sidewalk, helping to create privacy and create a buffer between your garden sanctuary and the outside world. The Pacific Wax Myrtle is versatile and also works well as a formally trimmed hedge, perhaps marking the entrance to your property.

Informal hedges can be planted so that the whole plant can be enjoyed. The flowers are allowed to bloom and contribute to the overall interest of your landscape. Rhododendrons or Camellias can be used to create tall informal hedges, providing seasonal spring flowers which provide a uniform sea of color. Clumping bamboo can also be planted as an informal hedge. Its leaves create a soft rustling sound when blowing in the breeze. This plant is useful and a fine-textured green backdrop to accent your flowering shrubs and perennials. Our hedge trimming services will take care of your informal and formal hedges.

Formal Hedges

Formal hedges can bring structure, straight lines, and texture to your garden. They can lead the visitor to your front door. They can also be playful and sheared into various shapes. The shrubs usually used for such hedges are boxwood, which can be trimmed into balls or as a long thin hedge. There are also boxwood species that are tall and thin, which can provide an accent at the corner of a border or next to the entrance to your house. 

Conifers are also very useful hedging materials as they tend to grow in pyramidal or conical shapes. They can be neatly trimmed to keep this defined shape. Plants such as Yew shrubs (Taxus species) work well as bigger hedges, as they grow tall and wide and are easily trimmed to provide a thick hedge for your privacy. Native Green offers hedge trimming services for your landscape, to provide you with the hedge that suits you best, whatever your needs.

Hedge Trimming Services We Provide

Native Green Landscaping will trim your hedges as often as needed to keep them looking lush and green. We use power hedge trimmers and often hand shears to do the fine detail work and get the very best shape that you desire. 

We are also careful to keep the health of the trees and shrubs in mind when we care for them. Repeated shearing back of plants can cause them to react to the trimming and to grow a lot of thick foliage. We make sure to thin out hedging material as well as trimming them, to keep the air flow circulating throughout the plants and avoid plant diseases such as powdery mildew that can affect shaded foliage with low air flow.

Contact Native Green today to discuss your hedge care needs. We also provide residential garden maintenance services in Bellevue and Eastside Seattle.