Residential Landscape Maintenance

We Provide Residential Landscape Maintenance Services

Native Green Landscaping offers superior residential landscape maintenance services in Bellevue, WA and on the Eastside of Seattle. Discover our comprehensive services provided by our experienced crew members to keep your landscape looking beautiful and well-cared for. We will help you to protect and enhance your investment in your property.

Regular maintenance of your garden will keep it thriving year-round. Our horticultural experts pay attention to detail and will quickly notice if any problems arise. If any plants are struggling, we will address the problem immediately before it becomes a bigger problem.

We also pay attention to the bigger picture, taking a holistic approach to landscape maintenance. This includes adding soil amendments regularly to ensure that plant roots have the essential nutrients and conditions for optimum growth and health.

Our reputation for excellence in the care and attention to the grounds and estates of our clients simply means that whenever needs arise, we are there to attend to them. Our maintenance crews are trained to elevate your garden’s beauty through every season.

Residential Landscape Maintenance

Our Residential Landscape Maintenance Services Include:

  • Regular Mowing – We take excellent care of your lawn. Our maintenance specialists know just the right timing and height to cut the turf so that it continues to grow and thrive, looking its best.
  • Seasonal Planting – Adding new carefully placed plants really can transform your yard. Let us spruce up your planting beds, giving you blooms and seasonal color year round.
  • Leaf Blowing and Collection – We know that you want your yard to look its best year round. Our maintenance crew will clear the fallen leaves from your property in the fall. We also remove messy leaves dropped by evergreen trees and shrubs throughout all the seasons.
  • Landscape Bed Maintenance – Regular maintenance by Native Green will ensure that your plants are pruned at the right time of year, the weeds are removed before they flower and spread, and blooming annuals are added to enhance the look of your landscape.
  • Premium Turf Fertilizer 5x/yr – To keep your lawn looking lush and green, we use high quality organic fertilizers. These break down slowly, giving your lawn the constant supply of nutrients it needs.
  • Irrigation Inspection – It is important to regularly inspect irrigation systems to keep them in good working order. One of our residential landscape maintenance services is to seasonally check irrigation systems for leaks and other problems. We also make adjustments when necessary to keep all plants growing at optimum health.
  • Prorated Annual Contract
  • Mulching – Adding mulch to planting beds, whether it be bark dust, wood chips, or pea gravel will give them a clean, finished look. Mulch also conserves soil moisture, lowers soil temperatures, and suppresses weeds. We are big fans of mulching!
  • Lawn Maintenance and Bed Edging – Maintaining your lawn is an essential part of landscape upkeep. Regular mowing and edging will give your landscape the clean lines and definition you desire.
  • Tree and Shrub Care – Native Green’s horticultural experts will take care of your trees and shrubs year round. We know when to prune particular species and when to let them grow. We will feed plants in the spring and identify and treat any pests or diseases that may arise.
  • Air-Sweeping and Debris Removal – Keeping hardscaping clear of moss and other debris will ensure the safety of your family. It also contributes to the overall appearance of your property.
  • Optional Soil-Testing – Soil testing is a useful service we utilize to give us all the information we need to tend to your landscape and address any imbalances in the soil.

Whatever your garden needs, our residential landscape maintenance services will provide high quality landscape solutions for your property. Native Green’s attention to detail will enable you to stop worrying about your yard and just relax and enjoy it.

Contact us today and one of our dedicated account managers will meet with you to design a year round residential landscape maintenance program to fit your needs and budget.